Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yesterday I Ate Chocolate..

..Like I'm not doing that every day, ha! Anyway, the release party for Johanna N's new jewellery line "LND-UME" at Schmäck Kompaniet was really nice and cosy. They were having free chocolate (hooray), goodie bags (hooray) and beautiful jewellery. I already saw something (yes, a new ring) that has to find a new home on my hand, but they unfortunately had run out of silver and only had gold left, so I'm gonna have to wait a few more days and order it over the webstore.

Besides that it was great to see some of the local blog-faces and finally do some catching up from the weekend. The feedback for Kostym was absolutely amazing and I could really feel my batteries recharge.. with chocolate and compliments, nice!

Nathalie and Petter / Emma, Anna and Therez. Next time I really gotta take a close-up from Nathalies hands/fingers. This girl got an impressive collection of rings!

(First picture lent from Emma)

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