Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ice + Rain + Heels = Dangerous

I refuse to give up and put my heels away until May.. because that is how long the streets here are gonna be covered in permanent ice and snow again. So yesterday I took my brand new wedges for a run to the busstation. In snowrain. On a ice covered street. In complete darkness. If I can master that without falling I think the next step must be to try this in Alexander McQueen SS 2010 shoes!

Got the wedges last Monday when Scorett opened their Umea-store. Which was crazyness. While I was trying on the grey Acne look-a-likes (who weren't looking as good in real as I hoped for plus I would have to color them black anyway), someone actually took the shoes I came with and wanted to try them on. Insanity. I also walked into one of their gigantic mirrors. They are too new and clean. Anyway, the wedges I bought are perfect height, super easy to walk in and close to a Rick Owens kinda feeling.

(Shoes: Scorett, Pants: Sara Burkhard (from my show last weekend))

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dom är schyssta dom där tightsen! (: