Wednesday, October 6, 2010

These Days

I have had the house to myself the last couple of days. With Kostym, the fashion event I'm organizing, coming up it has been..hectic to say the least. Don't know how often I've turned down my parents for a Skype. The last days have been too many meetings, too much fabric cutting, too much online series watching. (Loving every bit of it though of course)

Oh, and fabric dying.

And the girls were trying to help with everything.

Still finding the time to eat something nice. (Once a day)

(Spot the swiss mayo)

Oh and yesterday after a 13 hour sewing binge I felt like spoiling myself.

1 comment: said...

jag gillare! jag kommer fasen på söndag och kollar närmare på dina färgningsprojekt! (: