Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Winter and me aren't best buddies. I actually didn't really know how far up north Umea was when I moved here (like higher than Moscow, doh!), but I'm gonna make sure to pick up an atlas next time I move to check if they have seven months of snow every year there as well. For someone who doesn't like winter-sports but is keen on highheels snow is just pure poison. AND YES I KNOW THAT SWITZERLAND IS HAVING SNOW AS WELL (as everyone up here is anwering suprised when they get to know that I don't like snow), but not seven months a year. Not even close.

This morning we took a roadtrip to Vindeln, that's like 600 kilometer north/inland (aka the wrong direction). Even more snow there, but also sun. And I really liked it. What a beautiful morning. And almost complete wilderness. Although Andreas made sure to tell me that this ain't wilderness at all compared to the mountain area six hours north from here ("you can die if you have car problems and don't have thermo-pants with you").

Anyway, beautiful. In about one month there wont be any light left here during the days, so gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

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