Friday, September 10, 2010

Three Years And Counting

Exactly three years ago I started this diary here. Had no idea where I wanted to go with it besides that my online-portfolio (graphic) was a pain in the ass to update. Over time this blog developed into my visual diary/inspiration board. While only my dad and mum were reading it in the beginning, there are up to 2'500 different people checking it out every month. The blog motivated my mum to learn how to start a computer, open the browser and type in an address. Proud of her. And I myself went from graphic design to journalism to fashion design. And geographically from Switzerland to Sweden.

Although I still don't have the feeling to have a cohesive blog, I now don't care any longer. It's just fun to do it.

Now I'm off baking a cake. For my blog of course. That - lacking teeth and all - I'm gonna have to finish most likely. Poor me.

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