Monday, January 18, 2010

Exhibition: The Pictures Part II

And here are some pictures from my part of the exhibition. It was - as you might have already guessed - in the black cube. I had two pieces in there, a dress and a jacket plus pictures I took of the dress with Frida who modeled for me and the video that I already showed you. The plan was to project the video to the back wall, but that had to be canceled five minutes before the opening due to technical problems. It was also a bit of a sauna in there because I used two big construction site lights.. Which isnt necessarily a bad thing when it is minus 15 degrees outside, I guess.

I was reallyreallyREALLY nervous in the beginning, seeing one million things I could have done different/better - but after a couple of minutes into the vernissage there was already a queue at the entrance of my cube. And I could be a bit more relaxed.


dustydress said...

nice work! curious as to where you bought your fabric. is it stretch?

Sara said...

thank you! the material is faux leather (pleather or leatherette, im so bad with knowing the difference) and very light and stretchable. bought it at ohlssons tyger, was lying on a pile of 'pay-per-kilo' fabrics.

Hanna K said...

Oj, häftig kreation! Bra jobbat.

Ledsen att jag missade vernissagen.

elenor said...

Missed the exhibition, but a friend of mine was there and said your stuff was the way coolest of it all. Bet he's right! The dress looks awesome in the pix.