Sunday, January 3, 2010

Come Spend Me Company Please

Yesterday/today are the first days in the sewing room for me since the holidays started. Officially university isnt starting until the 9th but I can already feel that Im gonna have an aweful lot on my hands and gonna get into serious time problems. So Im trying to only get into half-serious time problems. Kinda lonely though right now, I was the only kid in the whole building yesterday.

I have knitted this jumper about two months ago and was super excited about it all the way through the process.. but once it was finished just kinda forgot about it, not even tried it on. Rediscovered it yesterday and I was really pleased to see it turned out exactly like I imagined it. Chunky black knit, nice for layering. Rest: Asymmetric jacket KappAhl, leather pants BikBok, tank top worn upside down Filipa K, bustier Gina Tricot, double knuckle ring ..dont remember, grey nailpolish Ahlens, awesome AND WARM slightly Doc Martens inspired new shoes Ten Points.

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Daddy said...

Hej töchterli
Du kannst es auch nicht lassen, sogar alleine im ganzen Gebäude zu arbeiten... na ja was solls, Du hast das ja nicht gestohlen.
Deine Kreation sieht echt gut aus.
s'Vätterli und s'Müetterli