Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DIY Rodarte Knit Tights

Ever since the Rodarte Knit Thights were hitting the runnway in their AW08 collection every blogger out there has been all over them. So yes, I know that I'm like one year late on this one. BUT I was still lusting after them. AND as previously also on other blogs like on Kingdom Of Style or by Susie Bubble discused - blogs arent the real world, everyone. Just because the (actually kinda tiny although it of course doesnt feel like that to us) blogworld is declaring something as the new shit doesnt mean youre gonna be the new style-girl in town. More like you gonna get weird looks. And when the blogworld is already long over something H&M is just starting to catch up.

SO after I said that - I just had to make myself a pair. Now you see, I didnt have luxurious mohair to knit in, just took regular yarn and switched between needlesizes 30, 10 and 3. Started of with 4 stiches and increased slowly, constantly trying them on again during the process to fit them right. So its fully complete with feet and hip. Done in like four hours while watching tv - AAAND they are actually quiet warm. 'Yeah, right...' you think now, but really, all those holes must somehow have magical powers and keep warmth not too bad.

SOOO Im super happy, end.

The original Rodarte knit from AW08.

A DIY-version by the Six Six Sick Girls.

Tavis ORIGINAL CUSTOM MADE Rodarte tights. Yeah, jealous.

Susie Bubbles fake Etsy find.

My own version.

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