Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fashion Wknd Catch-Up Pt IV

Finally! Here are the pictures from the actual showcase. Taken by myself in super much of a rush and not with the steadiest of hands. Hope someone else took some pictures as well, so if I find better ones Im gonna post them.

So.. My little cube with my card, some infos and a copy of the article that was in the newspaper (Västerbottens Folksblad, thank you very much!) about my stuff thursday morning.

My space (please note the ugly floor). As soon as I arrived there Thursday morning I wished I had built like a black cube where people could go in or so. But that as well as the hugh raven-mask for myself (yes Esbjörn, I havent forgotten about it) will have to wait until next time.

The space of my super nice neighbours, Malin & Esbjörn.

Blurry blurry.

Posing to forget about being hungry and tired.


Kristina said...

Det ser ascoolt ut! Jag är verkligen imponerad. Snygga visitkort också. Kram!

About Sara said...

Tacktacktack Kristina :)! Btw: Are you gonna be recording with the band this wknd as well?

Kristina said...

Yes I am, or at least on sunday. Perhaps saturday evening. Börje is coming aswell. Are you?

About Sara said...

Nopes, Andreas just left for the murderous six hours drive. I have a lot to sew, knit and so on ;). But now kinda feeling 'argh, would have loved to go out eating with you guys'. Next time :).